Find Answers to Your GTA Roofing Questions

With fair pricing and honest service, B.W. Doucette Roofing has earned a reputation for excellence throughout the GTA. We are happy to provide answers to some of our customers’ frequently asked questions listed below. If you need more information, please give us a call. Our advice and estimates are always free.

How much should a new roof cost?

The answer depends on many factors including the materials used and the size of the job. We are happy to give you a no-obligation free quote on all residential and commercial jobs. Request your quote today.

How can I determine if I need a new roof?

If you think it may be time for a new roof, there are many warning signs to look for, including:

• Leaks in your attic following heavy rains

• Shingles are missing, cracked or curling

• Paint is blistering or peeling

• Decay of shingles, sheathing or siding

• Stains present on your ceilings or interior walls

How often do my gutters need to be cleaned?

B.W. Doucette Roofing in Toronto recommends that your gutters should be cleaned at least once in the summer and once in the fall. Many locations will need more frequent cleaning.

What can I do about ice and snow damming on my roof?

Ice and snow should be removed whenever it is safe to do so. We also recommend checking your insulation and ventilation systems to make sure they are up to code. If possible, remove hanging icicles.

Should I replace missing and damaged tiles or shingles myself?

B.W. Doucette Roofing can quickly and professionally handle a variety of repairs, both big and small.

How do I know if I have enough ventilation?

To answer this question, we ask that you consider the following.

• Do your walls or windows perspire?

• Is there any mould present?

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